The Cygnet Award

Lakeland Vision CYGNET Award

The Lakeland Vision Cygnet Award is bestowed upon companies, organizations and individuals that strive to achieve our vision focus area goals in order to impact our community in positive and significant ways. Our goals are in the 4 areas of:

  • Safe and Strong Neighborhoods
  • Jobs for a Vibrant Economy
  • Lifelong Education
  • Activities for a Diverse Community

How can YOU contribute to fulfilling Lakeland’s community-driven vision?

  • Review the Vision Document and see what goals relate to your area of impact in Lakeland.
  • Commit to incorporating those goals into your own strategic and operational plans.

Projects fulfilling one or more Vision goals may be submitted for consideration for a Lakeland Vision Cygnet Award.  

Please include:

  • A project description
  • Notation of the related goal or goals being fulfilled by the project
  • What segment of the Lakeland community is impacted?
  • Overseeing Organization
  • Contact Person/Phone Number/Email Address

All questions and/or submissions may be sent directly to Lakeland Vision Executive Director, Laura L. Rodriguez –