Lakeland Vision is an independent, non-profit organization. It was formed in
1998 with the goal of creating and implementing a comprehensive, action-oriented
vision for the future of the greater Lakeland area. During the first ten years, Lakeland
Vision built partnerships and alliances throughout the community to address a
majority of the strategies outlined in the initial vision.

A decade later, Lakeland Vision realized that it was time to refresh the
community’s vision. Not only had most of the strategies from the first vision been
accomplished, but the community had also changed significantly. Lakeland Vision
also had a goal of bringing the community’s diverse population together to determine
the best way to move forward.

In 2008 Lakeland Vision engaged the firm of ACP Visioning+Planning to help
design and facilitate an inclusive process that would refresh the community’s vision
for the future. Working under a principle of maximizing stakeholder involvement and
generating diverse representation from throughout the metro area, ACP collaborated
with the Lakeland Vision Steering Committee to design a visioning program known
as Make Your Mark. The Make Your Mark initiative engaged over 950 community
members in brainstorming over 1,000 ideas for the future, crafting goals and
strategies, and setting priorities for moving forward with implementation.

While visioning is never complete, Lakeland Vision continues this process of addressing priorities, strategies and goals until a majority of them are complete once again.


What We Do

Lakeland Vision collaborates with a broad range of community stakeholders to implement a comprehensive action plan shaped by the community’s own vision of its future.