Cygnet Award Winners

Barry Friedman of lkld now Cygnet Award

Barry Friedman of LkldNow Awarded Lakeland Vision’s Cygnet Award

Lakeland Vision is proud to present its signature Cygnet Award to Barry Friedman of LkldNow on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at the Imperial Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Symphony in D Minor’ at the RP Funding Center located at 701 W Lime St, Lakeland, FL 33815 (during the performance’s intermission).

We are proud to present the first Cygnet Award of 2019 to Barry Friedman, Founder/Editor/Publisher of LkldNow. Barry exemplifies the characteristics of a true visionary and models the passion for Lakeland that the Lakeland Vision Board of Directors seeks to recognize through this award program. Barry has poured countless hours of time, energy and service into keeping citizens informed of news, current events, activities and initiatives and LkldNow fulfills a significant number of goals and strategies outlined in the community’s Vision Document.

Ways the project meets The Vision:

  • Make Lakeland more livable by providing communications within the community.
  • Focused stories on solutions for the interlinked issues of homelessness, affordable housing and food insecurity in Polk County.
  • Supported vision areas including:
    • Arts, Activities and Entertainment
    • Diversity & Community
    • Downtown & Neighborhoods
    • Economy
    • Governance
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Social Initiatives
    • Transportation
Julie Townsend of the LDDA Cygnet Award

Julie Townsend of LLDD Awarded Lakeland Vision’s Cygnet Award

Lakeland Vision is proud to present its signature Cygnet Award to Julie Townsend, Executive Director of Lakeland Downtown Development Authority on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at Rotary Club in Lakeland, Florida.

The prestigious Lakeland Vision Cygnet Award was given in recognizing the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market and the many ways it meets the citizen’s vision for Lakeland! Congratulations, to the LDDA and ALL who contribute to making the Farmers Curb Market the success it is in our community!

Ways this project meets The Vision: 

  • Supports/ promotes an active arts environment
  • Multi-media communication initiatives 
  • Creates & supports a cohesive and engaged community fostering intergenerational and geographic unity
  • Downtown is a walkable and vibrant city core
  • Supports small businesses and downtown retail
  • Attracts and promotes green industries and local green markets
  • Vibrant urban hub where people live, work, and play
  • Healthy community promoting healthy lifestyles