Age Friendly Lakeland

Age Friendly Lakeland

Age-Friendly Lakeland is a committee of Lakeland Vision.  This active group is addressing the goal of the citizen’s vision for Lakeland that addresses “seniors.”


Lakeland Vision’s Goals:


Lakeland will provide seniors a variety of lifestyle options which support aging in place.


Lakeland will promote volunteer opportunities that allow all citizens to be actively involved in community service.

Sense of Community

Institutions, organizations, and neighborhoods will create and support a cohesive and engaged community that fosters intergenerational and geographic unity.


In March of 2017, the Age-Friendly Lakeland embarked upon a community-wide survey to assess available resources and determine what residents view as important for successfully aging in place. The survey is designed to capture information consistent with the eight domains of a livable community which include:

  1. Outdoor spaces and buildings

  2. Transportation

  3. Housing

  4. Social participation

  5. Respect and social inclusion

  6. Civic participation and employment

  7. Communication and information

  8. Community support and health services

The data outcomes of the survey are now guiding the work of Age-Friendly Lakeland and many community partnerships are in the works for addressing the needs of the community and filling in the gaps.  For more information, or to become involved in the process, please contact Laura Rodriguez – or Allie Bates, Coordinator for Age-Friendly Lakeland