Lakeland Vision Committees

2021-2022 - Lakeland Vision Committees Transportation and Affordability:

  • Assess and Update gaps in Transportation for at risk groups
  • Continued work on crosswalk for Club Success
  • Workshop with the Citrus Connection
  • Roundtable with HR directors of major employers as well as Career Source Polk
  • Chair: Carole Philipson

Age Friendly Lakeland:

  • Bringing new CNAs to our community by removing the financial barrier to obtain a state certification
  • Establishing and refining a Neighborhood Outreach program to encourage communication for needs and deliver resources for needs of our most vulnerable community population
  • Age Friendly Business Seal Implementation to bring awareness around older adults- Including Elder abuse, identify physical restrictions that older adults may have accessing their business, and offer access to local available resources in specific situations.
  • More information can be found at
  • Chair: Liz Craven/ Coordinator: Allie Bates

Community Unity:

  • Bring the community together through awareness and consideration of ALL citizens’ needs. Get to know your neighbor and work on ways to improve Lakeland through collaboration. 
  • Action items for Community Unity will be determined after community conversation data has been reviewed and common themes and trends are identified. 
  • Chair: Rick Maxey


  • Educating the public and managing the message about our Lakeland schools and education options

  • Focusing on community support of Lakeland schools (not so much the funding)

  • Co-Chairs: Sara R. McCarley & Dr. Sallie Stone


  • Utilize established benchmarks for evaluation of vision implementation in the greater Lakeland area. 
  • Identify ways to share goals within the Vision with specified audiences.
  • Maintain list of all organizations working on specific goals of Lakeland’s Vision.
  • Make recommendations to the Lakeland Vision board regarding annual priorities or committees. 
  • Chair: Dr. Kyle Fedler

The Cygnet Award Committee:

The Lakeland Vision Cygnet Award will be bestowed upon companies, organizations and individuals that strive to achieve our strategic goals in order to impact our community in positive and significant ways.