Lakeland Vision Committees

2021-2022 - Lakeland Vision Committees Transportation and Affordability:

  • Assess and Update gaps in Transportation for at risk groups
  • Continued work on crosswalk for Club Success
  • Workshop with the Citrus Connection
  • Roundtable with HR directors of major employers as well as Career Source Polk
  • Chair: Carole Philipson

Age Friendly Lakeland:

  • Bringing new CNAs to our community by removing the financial barrier to obtain a state certification
  • Establishing and refining a Neighborhood Outreach program to encourage communication for needs and deliver resources for needs of our most vulnerable community population
  • Age Friendly Business Seal Implementation to bring awareness around older adults- Including Elder abuse, identify physical restrictions that older adults may have accessing their business, and offer access to local available resources in specific situations.
  • More information can be found at
  • Chair: Liz Craven/ Coordinator: Allie Bates

Community Unity:

  • Bring the community together through awareness and consideration of ALL citizens’ needs. Get to know your neighbor and work on ways to improve Lakeland through collaboration. 
  • Action items for Community Unity will be determined after community conversation data has been reviewed and common themes and trends are identified. 
  • Chair: Rick Maxey


  • Educating the public and managing the message about our Lakeland schools and education options

  • Focusing on community support of Lakeland schools (not so much the funding)

  • Co-Chairs: Sara R. McCarley & Dr. Sallie Stone


  • Utilize established benchmarks for evaluation of vision implementation in the greater Lakeland area. 
  • Identify ways to share goals within the Vision with specified audiences.
  • Maintain list of all organizations working on specific goals of Lakeland’s Vision.
  • Make recommendations to the Lakeland Vision board regarding annual priorities or committees. 
  • Chair: Dr. Kyle Fedler

The Cygnet Award Committee:

  • Educating the public and focusing the message on our Lakeland schools and education options
  • Focusing on community support of Lakeland schools