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Focus on

Jobs for a Vibrant Economy

Lakeland will have jobs for all to support a vibrant economy.



Lakeland will have job growth, with higher wage jobs and careers for citizens of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.

Business Development and Attraction

Lakeland will attract a wide variety of high-tech, high-wage employers.

Retail and Business

Lakeland will be a business-friendly community.

Prosperous Lakeland

Lakeland will be a prosperous, technologically-advanced city that attracts and retains a young, innovative, and talented workforce within a creative environment.

Marketing and Tourism

Lakeland will promote its local attractions, events and activities to attract residents and visitors.

Roadways and Mobility

Our community will improve the overall mobility of our citizens while ensuring our transportation system supports a strong economy.

Green Economy

Lakeland will attract and promote green industries and local green markets to achieve a sustainable local economy.