Bridge over a lake

Focus on

Activities for a Diverse Community

Lakeland will offer activities for all community members.


Arts and Culture

Lakeland will provide a supportive arts environment that advances, promotes, and funds the arts community to invite community-wide participation in the arts.

Youth Activities

Our community will support activities and opportunities for youth and teens that are safe, affordable, and fun.

Entertainment and Attractions

Lakeland will be a destination for a variety of entertainment and eating options which support a lively and fun community atmosphere.


Lakeland will support and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness in leadership, business, and civic engagement throughout the community.


Lakeland will be an interconnected and informed community through community-wide communications.


Lakeland will promote volunteer opportunities that allow all citizens to be actively involved in community service.


Lakeland will build and maintain a network of community and regional parks and trails that support a healthy lifestyle and maximize economic benefits.


Lakeland will have recreation facilities and programs throughout all sectors of the city for residents of all ages.


Lakeland will be a community promoting healthy lifestyles and prevention while providing access to quality health care for people of all ages and income levels.


Lakeland will provide seniors a variety of life style options which support aging in place.

Public Transportation

Lakeland will provide affordable, reliable, and efficient public transportation throughout the community.

Walking and Biking

Lakeland will have a well-connected network of sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails throughout the community that integrate safely with roadways.