Sallie Stone, Compass Smart Solutions/Well-done Events

Dr. Sallie Stone is a consummate professional with over twenty years of experience in educational leadership and management. She is the founder of Compass Smart Solutions educational consulting providing training, professional development, business coaching and motivational speaking for diverse groups around customized themes. As the owner of Well-done Events! multi-media services Dr. Stone has established a solid reputation for helping businesses and organizations promote their message through digital marketing and branding strategies.

Dr. Stone is an experienced educator and administrator with 20 plus years of experience across academic levels to include elementary, secondary, adult, and higher-ed. She has extensive experience in working with charter schools in Florida and one highlight of her career includes being the founding Principal of a local collegiate charter high school. She has served as an adjunct professor/site supervisor with Grand Canyon University working with teachers in their clinical courses and principals in their internship courses. She currently serves as a substitute mentor for Kelly Educational Staffing providing support, professional development and evaluation processes for substitutes working in the Polk County School District.

Dr. Stone is married with one daughter and loves spending time with family, taking care of her eighty-two-year-old mother, who is her inspiration. She seeks opportunities to partner with those who are passionate about changing the culture of communities to create a better place to live and work for all. Operating from a personal belief that there is enough opportunity for everyone to thrive she is purposed with helping to overcome any obstacles that get in the way of this goal. Her personal mantra leads her in this direction and states, “I will succeed because the fire inside of me, burns brighter than the fire that surround me.”