Liz Craven, Pro-Ad Media

Liz Craven, along with her husband Wes, own Pro-Ad Media, a Polk County based media company serving the local community for over 23 years. Pro-Ad Media is the home of the Polk Elder Care Guide, Foodie Magazine and Polk Home and Garden Magazine. Wes and Liz also own and operate Liz lives in Lakeland and is very active in the local community. Liz serves on a number of local boards including the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce, First United Methodist Church Board of Trustees, Better Living for Seniors Coalition and CATT_Rath Senior ConeXtions.

Liz is a proud Mother of two grown daughters and is a die hard Seminole fan! She enjoys spending time with family, reading and being outside in this great city. Always looking for ways to make Lakeland and Polk County a better place, Liz looks for forward to serving  the community through Lakeland Vision.