Lakeland Vision Committees



2018-2019 – Lakeland Vision Action Teams & Related Priorities

Vision Refresh Committee:

  • Priority — Completing a refresh of the citizen’s current Vision Document
  • Chairwoman – Pat Steed


  • Priorities —
    • Educating the public and managing the message about our Lakeland schools and education optionsFocusing on community support of Lakeland schools (not so much the funding)
  • Chairwoman – Stephanie Madden


  • Priorities —
    • Alternate solutions to transportation and the ideas from different areas and demographics of our community in collaboration with our vision partners.Taking organizations that are already providing alternate transportation in Lakeland and raising awareness within the community to better support their efforts
  • Chairwoman – Carole Philipson


  • Priorities —
    • Looking into the ways affordability in Lakeland affects the quality of life for our residents
    • Affordability for all economic levels

The Cygnet Award Committee:

  • This distinction is named after the young offspring of our city’s celebrated swans and the centerpiece of our organization’s logo. Spelled differently, but with the same pronunciation, a signet is a stamp or seal—often on a ring—that is used to authenticate official documents and proclamations.  The Lakeland Vision Cygnet Award is bestowed upon companies, organizations and individuals that strive to achieve our strategic goals in order to impact our community in positive and significant ways.
  • Applications for this award can found at Cygnet Award Application and emailed to Laura Rodriguez at


 The “Make Your Mark” VISION DOCUMENT