About Lakeland Vision

MISSION STATEMENT: Lakeland Vision collaborates with a broad range of community stakeholders to implement a comprehensive action plan shaped by the community’s own vision of its future. 


Lakeland Vision, Inc. identifies community strengths and weaknesses in order to create and implement a comprehensive, action-oriented plan for the future of the metro Lakeland area. The plan was developed with diverse and broad-based community input and continues to address the following Strategic Elements from the Make your Mark visioning program:

  • Arts, Activities & Entertainment
  • Diversity & Community
  • Downtown & Neighborhoods
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Growth & Infrastructure
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Social Initiatives
  • Transportation

To learn more, please see the 2009_Make Your Mark Vision Document

In the years following the Make Your Mark visioning process, Lakeland Vision’s Board of Directors, Vision Partners and Community Collaborators work together to ensure that Lakeland’s citizen driven vision for the future is carried out.  We are well on our way to fulfilling several strategies from the current Vision Document and hope to complete even more in the next few years.